What you benefit from

100% Secure

As NOTA can instantly be distributed and received globally over the internet, it simply is cheaper and more secured to use than any other existing payment system.


Each of the NOTA stablecoins can be a safe haven solution to store and grow your digital assets in uncertain times. Without the constraints of traditional financing.

Digital Reserve

It represents an ideal digital reserve to balance out the volatility of other crypto currencies and can provide a key element for all activities in Decentralized Financing.

Fully Reserved Assets

Since it is and always will be 100% backed by fully reserved assets, each NOTA is fully redeemable at a 1:1 ratio in US Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros respectively.

Monthly Attestations

Therefore, the NOTA reserves are regulated to always meet or exceed outstanding NOTA requirements with monthly audits by BDO LLP., a leading global accounting firm.

Proven stability

Through its correlation with three of the most widely used global FIAT currencies, NOTA achieves the highest degree of stability while preventing volatility of other cryptos.

XinFin’s Technology

Built on the XinFin blockchain, NOTA uses a digital ledger that makes it easy to manage, store, and grow digital assets. It is open source and a public smart-contract-based XRC-20 token.


The NOTA coins are issued decentralized by global financial institutions. Notation LLC. as a consortium of digital natives, governs its ethical, technical and financial standards.

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