What you benefit from

Scale more digitally

Run your business fast and secured, and scale it more digitally with NOTA as an efficient alternative to traditional banking rails.

Securely custody funds

Securely custody funds, send and receive payments globally and streamline treasury operations all connected through NOTA and replace a fractured system for business banking.

Send or receive digital currencies

The NOTA Account allows you to send or receive digital dollars on-chain — borderless, irreversible payments that settle in minutes, are nearly free and incredibly secure. A truly superior payment method for international commerce.

Drive down costs

We’ve re-imagined processing payments to accept global payments across traditional and blockchain rails in one powerful integration. Open up new markets and drive down costs to your business with payments infrastructure powered by NOTA.

Modern global commerce

NOTA combines the strengths of stablecoins and blockchain with traditional forms of payments like cards and banks. Digital dollars are faster, more secure and easier to send around the world than traditional fiat currencies - a better option for modern global commerce.

Flexible payment methods

Let your customers pay with their preferred payment method from traditional rails like cards and bank transfers, to blockchain rails that span the internet in one unified API. All transactions settle in NOTA directly into your NOTA Account — where you can convert to a connected bank account or leverage the power of on-chain digital dollars.

Zero charge back risk

Payments from US NOTA-compatible digital wallets settle within minutes with zero chargeback risk, and no currency volatility.

Permanent controls

Digital dollars move at the speed of the internet and are backed by dollar denominated reserves, with monthly attestations by BDO LLP.

Avoid the expensive “business bank account”

Avoid the expensive “business bank account”. NOTA enables startups and established companies to bank US dollars without the need for a traditional business banking relationship.

Receive faster payments

Receive faster payments from your customers and send lower-cost payouts to your vendors and suppliers around the world.

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Efficient movement of
digital currencies.

Use US NOTA for nearly instant and cost-efficient movement of digital currencies. Supported across multiple blockchains, US NOTA allows for flexibility of speed and adoption across digital ecosystems.


Accessible to almost anyone with an entry-level smartphone, data connectivity and a US NOTA-supported wallet.


Safe haven digital dollar balance in uncertain and volatile economic times.


Thriving decentralized finance ecosystem where they can access robust lending and borrowing markets not tied to their credit score.